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Trumpia Review

Trumpia Email Marketing Review

Benefits of Email Marketing

Email marketing is essential to improve the bond between a business and its customer. It is also a good way to gain new customers. To get the email addresses of prospective clients, business can pay a fee for the mailing list to a broker, use a subscription service, or depend on referrals from current customers. Generally, a combination of all three is employed to get the work out. While email marketing services incur many fees, it is still cheaper, faster, and more effective than using traditional methods of posting fliers or advertising in magazines and newspapers. Another advantage of email marketing is that successive reminder emails can build on the message delivered by the initial email.

Email marketing, when used in combination with other marketing channels like mobile and social marketing, is effective and efficient. Besides costing very little, if anything at all, using email to market goods and services has many benefits. First and foremost, a message can be passed to a list of thousands of customers very quickly. Sending emails is easy and can even be carried out from a smartphone, something most people have on them all the time. Over time, as more information is collected about potential customers, the messages can be made more personal. Keeping track of the number of emails opened and how many people visited the site, is also possible when messages are sent through email. This type of information could not be collected through conventional advertising means. This information can be used to improve techniques of e-marketing in the future and ineffective methods can be eliminated or improved upon. Since good email lists are opt-in, meaning sending the emails is permitted by the recipient, the sender has a powerful tool. Poor quality email marketing can be non-effective or at worse, end up as spam.


Before reading a Trumpia Review, it is good to know the essential features to look out for when using email marketing services in general. Some of these include:

* No need for special software to be installed; it is totally web-based so one can access it from anywhere there’s a PC, laptop, or a smartphone.

* There is plenty of automation, so messages may be scheduled to be sent on several dates in the future.

* Templates are available, so it is convenient and easy to design messages by one’s self.

* There is an option of sending messages to individuals or a list, depending on the need.

* A contact database management system is available to keep track of emails that have been sent.

* One can also track messages that have failed to be delivered.

* The delivery success rate is usually higher than 90% – 95%.

* There’s an automated unsubscribe option, a list cleaning function, and a place for people to opt-in.

* Messages should be able to be passed out from a variety of different email addresses.

Trumpia Review

Trumpia provides all the above mentioned essential features and many additional advanced techniques to help an organization carry out a successful e-marketing campaign. It is an established fact that in this age of instant communication, email marketing on its own is not sufficient. So Trumpia combines email with social networking, MMS messaging, and text messaging. In other words, after sending an email, it is followed up with a text or MMS message on the phone as a reminder, and finally the information is spread through social channels like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. When a customer sees the same message repeated in all the different mediums of communications, they are unlikely to forget; hence, the impact of the message is tripled, without having to use three different platforms to send the message from. Also, it is done in a single price package, so it is very cost effective. Finally, instead of having to pay to three different entities; there is only one bill to pay.

It is not possible to have access to a PC all the time, but a mobile phone is always available. Using the advanced messaging options, it is possible to connect the mobile to a Trumpia account. This allows one to send messages through every form of communication (SMS, IM, and Email) from the cell phone.

Additionally, it is possible to:

* Schedule future automatic messages to be sent out on certain days, times of the week, or month.

* Draft cell phone texts and emails that address each receiver by first and last name, thus making it more intimate and authentic. This leads to long term relationships.

* Have the option to choose from prefabricated email templates or have the option to use individual HTML code.

* Are able to update messages on Facebook, MySpace or Twitter directly from Trumpia directly.

Trumpia makes certain no messages go to individuals who have not opted-in; this helps the user by not generating any spam mail or breaking any laws. There are tools and utilities available to help manage mailing lists so individuals not opting-in do not get the messages, while identifying the failed mail so it can be removed from future lists. Lists can also be sorted according to source, wireless carrier, or status. The sign-up date of each contact can be accessed easily by a simple click of the mouse.

It is possible to fabricate online sign-up pages through Trumpia. One can select from pre-designed ones or create personal ones to match the website by just plugging in the HTML source code. Once this is done, it is possible to send and an auto-responder every time someone signs up on one of these pages. The auto-responder text can include company details or an upcoming sale or event. These automated messages may be sent through all three mediums.

A free 15 day trial is now available from Trumpia. Use the promo code “optintxt” to double the amount of messages you can send during your free trial!!!

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Trumpia Review, 3.0 out of 5 based on 5 ratings
Reviewed by admin on 25 January 2011

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